All that a merely successful organization needs is a bunch of employees with great flair. There is no much veracity in the saying “unity in diversity” as a work team would be formed with differences in forte yet striving for a distinct vision.

Pro’s of small teams

  1. Focus – People know what they do, they have complete focus on that. They have cause and mission, and they build team faster, so they are performing faster and more focused.
    2. Clarity – in a smaller team, everyone has a line of sight to everyone else. Everyone is aware of the circumstances, the successes, the failures and the expectations.
    3. Cohesion – smaller teams have a greater chance to be more cohesive.
    4. Administration – You don’t need any. Of course only if you have that constalation, that some higher managment don’t want any. But for team management, you don’t need any tool or any reporting. Everyone has track what has to be done and what is done.
    5. Interaction – I can interact more easily with each individual and gain a sense of their commitment level
    6. Visibility – Since it is harder to “hide” on a small team, I can quickly weed out those who aren’t up to snuff or just aren’t bought in to the program.
    7. Energy— The energy in a small team, if you pick the right players can be extremely high and focused. You can all march enthusiastically to the same beat.
    8. Flexibility is a must in a small team, which is a huge positive. You don’t have people who must be extremely specialized in one core skill as you have to have in a large team. And because of that, you can really move the team in a new direction if that’s where the market takes you. Larger teams are much more locked into a path that is hard to detour from.
    9. Passion — In a small team, you can pick people who are passionate about the direction your team is headed.
    10. Personal growth — Allowing people to work on many different things in order to help the team achieve its goals is extremely empowering and allows people to really grow.
    11. BEING CLOSE TO EACH OTHER — It’s amazing how important it is to be close to each other when working on a team

However, the synergy of individuals is a powerful and strong; don’t be fooled by the idea that working alone brings glory. Working alone may help your ego sometimes, however, will not necessarily make you a regular winner!


Meditation is the art of relaxing your body, quietening the mind & awakening the soul. It also helps facilitates a deeper understanding of self and others. The way we work affects both yourself and colleagues around you . Your work environment can be a place of fulfilment and creativity, but the increasing complexity and demands […]

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Meditation is the art of relaxing your body, quietening the mind & awakening the soul. It also helps facilitates a deeper understanding of self and others.

The way we work affects both yourself and colleagues around you . Your work environment can be a place of fulfilment and creativity, but the increasing complexity and demands of the modern workplace can cause anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Meditation and mindfulness cultivate calm and clarity, offering an effective means of relieving stress and creating mental space. Freeing energy and increasing creativity and enjoyment, meditation can help to build confident decision making and effective action


Steps for starters

Step 1: Choose your preferred time of day
Find two days or more per week to practice meditation. An ideal meditation session lasts for about 15 minutes, but it takes just 2 minutes to steady your breathing and relax your mind.


A great way to set the tone for the rest of your day before the chaos kicks off.


Settle your mind and think clearly about next steps. Meditation can help you focus and feel less overwhelmed.


Break up your routine and stretch out your body. You’ll feel more relaxed and open-minded for the rest of the day.


Unwind and transition out of work-mode, allowing yourself to truly enjoy time with friends and family.
Step 2: Find a physical space
You will need a quiet location free from interruption and distraction. Choose any room, no matter how small–an empty phone booth, quiet staircase, or unused conference room all work well.
Step 3: Set a timer
When you determine your preferred meditation duration, be sure to set an alarm on your phone or computer so that you’re not pre-occupied thinking about time during your session.
Step 4: Find a comfortable position
Meditation can be done sitting, standing, or lying down. Just be sure to commit to this position and remain as still as possible during your entire session.
Step 5: Take a deep breath and begin
Every week at Artsy, we focus on a different meditation theme or technique in our guided team sessions.


Pros of Meditation

Stress management: By supporting a weekly meditation program at your office, you can support employees in managing and reducing regular stress at work.

Office meditation improves resiliency: Office meditation helps employees improve resiliency to emotional upset by giving them tools to come back to a low stress baseline more efficiently.

Emotional exhaustion: Work stress and burnout is a major problem amongst officer workers and office meditation is a great strategy manage

Boosts task performance: That’s right! Meditation training improves attentional performance by improving impulse control and focus.

Contributes to a mindful company culture: Office meditation is a great way to contribute to the greater good of the company by helping employees manage emotions through mindfulness.

Improves working relationships: There is increasing evidence that a regular meditation practice improves ones ability to manage healthy relationships. An improved ability to use mindfulness for positive and productive reactions leads to better relationships.

In a nutshell, science confirms the experience of millions of practitioners that meditation will keep you healthy, help prevent multiple diseases, make you happier, and improve your performance in basically any task, physical or mental.

HR is referred to the “change agent” in an organization.

For small businesses and large conglomerates alike, the human resources or personnel function can be helpful for much more than simply processing payroll or handling the open enrollment season once a year. Human resources plays an essential role in developing a company’s strategy as well as handling the employee-centered activities of an organization.

It is a reliable fact that the sheer growth of the company can be witnessed by hiring a good HR. Apart from the traditional responsibilities that the HR’s have in their bucket they can always make a way to entertain, reduce the attrition rate, bring in awareness of any useful piece of information, motivate the staff, being a point of liasion between the employees and the employers and many more..!

Here are some other factors that can be implemented in order to achieve a healthy workspace.

Gamification: Engaging your staff in some fun activity in a planned period is vital to keep the staff happy in the work environment, it even helps to break barriers andgetting to know their fellow workers..

Culture & values of the company: The HR must step in to learn and uphold the history of culture in the organization & to implement the core values of the same to each employee in a planned way.

Social Media: Social media & continuous learning is connected hence, making a way to grasp any idea which we think is of help and brings positive changes can be easily implemented in this diversified world.

Strategies: To help the leaders in the organization from alligning the business strategies set to changing them into practices.

Automation: Cutting down the orthodox methods & practices, helping the organization bring in new methods of attracting the right candidates to retaining them.


Hence, to build a team of professionals, it is of utmost importance to have an equally professional and well-managed HR department. A slipshod HR function will cost your organization’s future and compromise on its achievements. To summarize, the role of an HR manager is to maintain law and order in the organization and among st the employees, which further extends to attracting, engaging and retaining top talent.

It’s high time to direct the people who are responsible for giving direction to everyone else!!

Sourcing the right candidates in today’s competitive world is a very vital for hiring/placing the best talent. Although, sourcing is just a step in recruitment process, there are abundant things to be focused on for one to become an expert.

Here are a few steps that we need to focus on to hire desired candidate for any job.

Strategic sourcing:

It starts from analyzing the Job Description on what the must have/nice to have skills are, the category of Industry, the Title of the roles & their alternatives, the Educational qualifications to the Certifications/Licenses, the location/boundary to try within, with all the skills/keywords required are some Key points that the sourcer must focus on.

Sourcing from Job Portals/ATS: It’s the most fundamental process a sourcer starts off with. Having your own ATS will help you find infinite number of potential candidates that’s already stored in the database. When sourcing from the job boards we must take into account the Type of Industry & the location since, there are chances of finding relevant candidates faster from a specified portal.

Active V/S Passive Candidates: As Greg Savage says, “There is no such thing as a Active/Passive Candidate.” Most candidates when offered the right job will definitely listen to what the recruiter has to say! So, there are chances to not ignore the passive candidates.

Social media sourcing: They are not the perfect technique for sourcing but can be alternative tools to try for. Diversifying the platforms we use helps us reach the strong candidate. In today’s trending world we are all connected through multiple social media tools like LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, Instagram, which helps us search, identify and connect to the right runner.

Marketing Your Company: Advertising the company is a direct aim to pull out appropriate clients, partners, candidates. By posting blogs, subscribing to professional groups on social media, like/comment/share your company keeps reaching to more minds every day.

Perfecting the outreaching message: You’ve worked hard to source the right candidate, but that doesn’t matter if they won’t engage with you. Always, personalizing your message with relevant information is crucial to draw the candidate’s attention to make them respond back.

Even though limited to identifying, screening the candidates to the basic requirements, it all depends on the further process to find out to how they fit perfect in the desired role as well as their interest levels for the same role. The best sourcing teams commit to the idea of deliberate practice to constantly improve and enhance their skills. Hence, considered as an art to consistently reach new heights.



With technology and global business shaking hands, the current market avenues are providing a wider and better scope for exploring new talent and hidden skills. Though, the recruitment process has been ruling the business world right from its inception; there have been significant additions and alterations to the entire process. Gone are the days when the industry requiring the human resource used to recruit their staff with those perfectly fitting into the minimum criteria range bestowed by the industries. Also, the wide number of employment opportunities coupled with minimum competition and greater vacancies at that time might have resulted in industries taking up the recruitment functions in hand.

But, time has changed since then; and so has the varied factors associated with hiring process in addition to the stiff market competition making the current condition more challenging and intricate. The rise in demand for affordable and reliable staffing partners has paved way for the emergence of offshore recruiter gaining spotlight in the current time span. All this started with the inception Human Resource Development (HRD), with this acting as the key dealers with candidates and staffing problems has slowly changed its tracks clearing way for recruitment process outsourcing. This recruitment outsourcing feature has gradually got bifurcated into internal recruiting and offshore recruiting, with the latter attaining greater prominence worldwide.

Despite being a well-reckoned recruitment solution worldwide, it still remains as the most underestimated and unexplored features in the Indian market. But, thanks to the global connectivity and the impact of the western world and their business tactics and practical implications in our market that offshore recruiter has turned out to be a potential market player in the recruitment. With just a few years in the area of manpower placement, this recruiting arena is regarded to bring success applause for businesses if employed in a streamlined and appropriate manner. The fact that it lends a cutting-edge outsourcing approach in the current economically demanding situation along with making you stay competitive and powerful in the exigent market atmosphere makes it highly reliable.

Some of the key salient features of offshore recruiting are –

  • Highly experienced experts and professionals in the key area of industrial domain are kept on board to select the best capable and talented candidates from the lot.
  • Customized and tailor-made recruiting solutions that include screening the candidate resumes from the database, interacting with the potential candidates through a step-by-step approach, etc.
  • Submission of the finalized papers to the company, salary negotiation, laying systematic strategy for recruiting, etc. also fall under the functions of offshore recruiter.
  • Co-ordinate pre-screening evaluation, conducting interviews, selecting the highly capable and authentic candidate as well as enabling post-screening documentation process, if any.
  • Formatting the previously selected resumes as per the company standards along with checking the authenticity of the provided documents, references, etc.

Human resource and recruitment are the two well-known terms of business arena that are still and will always remain in the spotlight as per far as new companies will be cropping up and the need of hiring potential candidates arises. With passing time, more and more industries are converging up and making their presence felt alongside the previously established companies, thereby further aggravating the already existing stiff business competition. And, as far as the current market field is concerned along with the broad range hiring techniques and technological implications coming to light; this business avenue is estimated to be at its nascent stage.

One of the key significant factors allied to recruitment that was dormant until a couple of years but, is seen to possess the potential to emerge as a powerful & a vital market player over the coming years is none other than Virtual recruiter. The business recruitment outsourcing providers and staffing partners have already crafted their niche area of excellence in this field by rendering reliable and strategic staffing solutions and recruitment campaigns. It’s time for this so-called internet recruiter to making its presence felt in an influential and potent manner through rendering hiring services at par with the in-house recruitment experts.

The key basic tools that not only enhance the process of recruiting but also simplify and contribute to work effectiveness include the availability of basic recruiting infrastructure and productivity tools; screen capture and research tools, applicant tracking, skype, etc. The factors that are responsible for appreciably boosting the role and significance of virtual recruiter are –

  • Ability to search the potential candidates from an extensive talent pool of local, national as well as global candidatures with the technological features and globalization further contributing to minimize the boundaries and enhancing greater connectivity.
  • Accessibility to work at any time of day and from any corner of the world with the aid of basic and well-equipped infrastructure (attaining which is not a very big deal in today’s time).
  • Picking up the right candidates with relative experience, technical skills, self-motivated and potential one through thorough screening and strict interview measures as they form a valuable resource for the business growth and success.
  • A virtual recruiter acts as a connecting link between the company and the candidate along with carrying out the entire recruitment process right from the pre-screening to the final selection in quick span of time.
  • Acts as the most reliable and cost-effective business mantra in the current span of economic slowdown, where companies are looking for maximizing their revenues through fixing their costs/expenses to minimum.
  • Being updated with the latest rules and regulations implemented in the recruitment procedures and the power to effectively execute them is what makes the internet recruiter an integral and most efficient member of the HR team.