“Negativity is an addiction to the bleak shadow that lingers around every human form–you can transfigure negativity by turning it toward the light of your soul.” — John O’Donohue

You must be wondering what I mean by negative energy. Well, do you remember the day when your superior took the credit for the presentation that you had spent your whole night to prepare? Or, a public scolding from your superior embarrassing you in front of your colleagues?

There are more than a thousand similar circumstances you may have to face in your work life. These instances generate some anger, frustration, and a roadblock for your career. These are the negative energies we are talking about.

You may feel at times that you have been working hard that no one actually values. Know that you are not the only one who is feeling this way. But does that mean you cannot overcome this negative energy? You can. You must believe that you can do and ultimately leads towards success with Positive mindset .

Here are the simple ways how you can use these negative energies to pave the path for your success.

Give a comeback blow

Negative energies like anger and frustration can become your motivation to push yourself to blow a comeback. Put your heart and soul into the next project that comes on your way next. 

Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.” — Steve Maraboli

Channeling your negative energy into the energy to become a better version of yourself is a wiser decision than just wasting your time drooling over the incident. Do not let emotions control your performance.

Modify your strategy

If you are stuck with some negative energies for some time, it is time to calm yourself down and rethink your ways. Every employee has their own strategy, and so do you. Channel your anger and frustration to rethink the strategy of success.

Instead of just shaming yourself for a wrong step, give yourself some time to figure out the right way to fix things or make them better. Remember, negativity is creativity if you choose the right attitude to deal with it.

Analyze and Persevere

Nothing comes in a silver spoon to you. You need to inculcate the virtue of perseverance if you want to achieve your ambitious goals. If you are frustrated about not getting a promotion, you may as well channelize your frustration to analyze what is it actually stopping you from receiving the promotion.

The reason can be a specific flaw that you have unintentionally repeated or a specific quality that one who got the promotion has, but you lack. Even though office politics is a real thing, you cannot always blame it for your frustration, anger, or any other negative energy.

 “Make no mistake about it. Bad habits are called ‘bad’ for a reason. They kill our productivity and creativity. They slow us down. They hold us back from achieving our goals. And they’re detrimental to our health.” — John Rampton

It is essential to analyze yourself, the circumstances, and persevere with the best strategy to achieve your goals.

Final Thoughts

According to researches, almost 80% of employees feel stressed and frustrated in their jobs. But the other 20% know how to channel their negative energies to pave a path to their success.

Frustration, anger, stress, and embarrassment are common workplace negative energies that everyone has to deal with every day. Therefore, instead of just being stuck with the negative energies, go ahead, and motivate yourself to bring out the best version of yourself.

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The pandemic has laid a significant impact on the recruitment industry, obstructing the execution of the natural flow of recruitment strategy due to numerous lockdowns and quarantine periods that occurred all over the world in different periods. After the drastic dip in 2020, the recruitment industry has the opportunity to make a difference in 2021 with the correct recruitment strategies in their pocket.

Technological Adaptation and Use of AI

As most companies have shifted to remote working, there is essential recruitment of adapting suitable technologies to aid the remote working situation. The recruitment industry is no exception. The days of face-to-face interviews are gone. Most recruitments are automated with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital interviews.

68% of recruiting professionals say that the best way to improve recruiting performance over the next 5 years is by investing in new recruiting technology. Therefore, if you are preparing an effective recruitment strategy for 2021 to tackle the emerging challenges, you must consider investing in technologies.

Greater Emphasis on DEI

In 2020, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has come up as an eminent challenge to the recruitment industry. Therefore, diversifying your workforce at the ground level, i.e., during the recruitment process, is essential for the growth of your business. Moreover, a report by Glassdoor states, 67% of job seekers said a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers. Therefore, if you are in the business of talent acquisition, the only way to upskill your recruitment strategy is to consider equality and equity through greater emphasis on diversity in the workforce.

Focus on Relationship

COVID19 has shown every industry a more significant number of lay-offs and salary deduction to manage the situation for the organizations. Most job seekers are looking for employers who can handle such a situation with more compassion. Therefore, the recruitment strategy for 2021 requires a greater focus on the empathetic approach of recruiters enhancing the company-employee relationship.

One of the best ways to attract the top tier talents to your organization is to ensure that you have an excellent employee-employer relationship within the organization, making it a better place for working.

Branding as Employer

As of the current situation, there is greater social media recruitment than traditional recruitment sources. Introducing yourself as a good employer has never been so important earlier, but employer branding is the most crucial recruitment strategy today.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn have become an eminent part of recruitment now. Therefore, the recruitment strategy for 2021 revolves around creating an employer brand for your company. You can build several strategies that require engagement, reflects your employee retention facts, and has a greater emphasis on good candidate experience. 

Skill gap and how to fix it

Skill gap refers to the requirement of the right set of skills that are not being fulfilled by the employees. Formulation of recruitment strategies usually involves assessing if there are any skill or talent gaps within the company. If yes, is it a temporary or permanent skill gap? This leads to another vital question, i.e., can this skill gap be overcome by upskilling, or does it require new recruitment.

Upskilling can be a good option if the recruitment or talent acquisition is more costly. However, if the upskilling requires a longer time, say more than 3 to 6 months, to fill up the skill gap, the wisest way out is recruiting a new employee who has those skills. In case of a temporary skill gap, you may hire a freelancer to complete the job within a contract period.

Onboarding Experience

In most companies, new employees undergo an orientation program to acquaint them with the culture and working environment of the company. But as most companies have moved to remote working, new recruitment strategies are required to enhance the onboarding experience of the new employees. It is an essential area of focus, as this serves as a basis of talent retention. According to a recent survey conducted by well-known consulting firms, companies lose 25% of all new employees within a year.

During the recruitment process, it is essential to understand the candidate’s expectation and ability to adapt as these two factors do play a significant role when it comes to candidate experience. If you are still curious why we have emphasized candidate experience, again and again, let the survey answer you. According to a recent study, 72% of job seekers who had a bad experience told others about it online or in-person. When this happens to your company, you can hardly find any top tier talent coming to you for a job. The only way to avoid such a situation is to ensure precise and exemplary communication of recruiters to job seekers.

The Bottom Line

Even though there was an unprecedented setback due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the recruitment industry has a more significant scope of turning over the previous year’s disappointment with the right recruitment strategies for 2021. It can be a tricky and challenging call to make as we do not know what 2021 has in store for us, but it is worth trying to make yourself strategically equipped for the future.

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the term “Recruitment marketing” is probably various methods used to attract active and passive candidates to build a pipeline. It includes everything from your organization’s employer branding and job advertising to your candidate engagement and conversion strategies.

For few people this may seem like a lot to take in. But each and every step plays a significant role in creating an efficacious, well-rounded recruitment marketing approach for your business. It’s quite alike to how marketers engage and convert clients.

Let’s understand this whole process step by step. Recruitment marketing funnel consists of mainly four stages:

1. Entice

Top talent is not easy to find everywhere on the planet. Majority of candidates are passively, looking out for jobs. But passive candidates can quickly become active if they come across a right opportunity. They key to find passive candidates is by thinking and analyzing like them.

The major means to reach out to them should include both in-person networking combined with social media platforms like as LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, Facebook etc.

One way could be to do job postings in similar LinkedIn Groups. To make great candidates to apply to your jobs, you should promote your company as a potential employer. Spotlighting your company’s success brings to attention the positives of your company. This branding can help get the term out about your company.

2. Engage

After evolving candidates interest next step should be to engage them. Tactics like providing a potential candidate with details that will boost his interest levels in your company. For this to be successful develop content that is logical and closely related to your employer branding campaign.

3. Convert

Your pitch is set, now it’s time to reel them in. Now that candidate has shown consistent interest in your company, it time to speak about your opening in detail and how it is different from other jobs in the market. Also you can provide more specific information about your company as a potential employer, the benefits, perks, compensation you offer and everything else an applicant needs to know before concluding and making a decision to apply.

4. Hire

This is the final step where the candidate is interviewed and hired. But an absurd interview process can turn down candidate’s interest. Simplify the hiring process short and simple starting from applying to job. Trim out any unnecessary qualification and application requirements, and provide them with all the juicy details of your offer.

One of the key components of victorious recruitment marketing is using the mindset of a marketer. That means approaching candidates not for their resumes; but as consumers that needs to be impressed, and won over. Because today’s candidates expect a lot more from the recruiting process.

To conclude job seeker’s are driving the job market. There are more job openings than potential applicants thus leaving more options for candidates to choose from. Candidates are more selective and resourceful; they tend to compare company’s strengths and weakness before applying to jobs. In this environment recruitment marketing is the only solution to excel.

A good marketing strategy enables recruiters to lure right candidates even before they submit an application and the hiring process is in full motion. Curated marketing efforts can help you find great hires quicker. Data driven reports can be used to track down the performance and make changes accordingly.

The process of making an employment offer to a candidate may seem a simple task at first glance. But do you know critical factors based on which applicants are weighing job offers. A recent study proves that salary isn’t the only factor that candidate looks for in a job offer.

The key to a creating a successful job offer extension is to consider it as a process that starts from the very second you start engaging a potential candidate. As employers, we all experienced that annoying feeling that comes along after finding a great candidate and rolling out a job offer and then the candidate reacting to it with unwillingness, taking too long to respond or even accepting a counter offer.

A compelling offer is anything that makes your organization and position stand above all other potential competitors in the market. Here are the tips to keep in mind while creating an offer that candidates just can’t resist:

Gather Information

This might seem simple, but it is one of the most commonly made mistake while making a job offer, lack of details and rolling out offer too early in the process. Most offer rejections happen just because hiring manager doesn’t know the candidate sufficiently. During the interviewing rounds, make a conscious effort to know the candidate well and note the key information points. A couple of must have notes is the candidate’s desired start date, financial outlooks, ability and willingness to commute to the office etc.

Apply the standard 10% rule

Generally, professionals expect a minimum of 10 to 15 percent increase in salary when they switch to new job. You noted down their present salary during the interview, so while making an offer keep this in mind that you will just get a tepid response if the amounts on table is less than 10 to 15 percent. But sometimes less salary can be compensated with additional bonus, healthcare, investment or lifestyle benefits, also highlighting your work culture, flexible work arrangements can act as a sweet topping on your offer which candidates just don’t want to miss.

Act Fast to Make an Offer

If you’ve made a decision and found your right fir then why wait? Time is always ticking on your head if you don’t act fast then you will miss out your found treasure, because in a down economy exceptional talent is rare. Reach out to candidate soon after they are interviewed and turn their interview anxiety into enthusiasm of cracking it successfully. This will ease the candidate’s stress during the post-interview waiting period. While informing the candidate don’t forget to mention how he was best among the whole lot of other candidates, show that you are thrilled to make them a part of your team.

Follow Up in Writing

Most important, many candidates don’t believe an offer to be real until it’s sent in writing. Then put your words in an email or letter. Clearly lay out all the elements in the offer letter including job title, base salary, benefits, vacation, holidays, perks, etc. Once the offer is sent to the candidate, don’t forget to follow up at least once a week until the start date. The risk of candidate backing out last minute is slightly high if the time period between acceptance and start is longer.

Set a deadline

Make sure to you set a deadline for the candidate to accept the offer. A three-day deadline is typical but if the candidate takes too long to respond then its not a good sign. Follow up again and ask the right questions to discover if you still can expect a positive response or candidate has made other plans in mind to do offer shopping.

Finding the right candidate in today’s competitive employment market is tough, you should be prepared to entice top talent at all levels in the recruitment cycle. And when you found the perfect fit for your job opening don’t risk losing out on them. Streamlined job offer process is one of the most important steps which includes designing a well-tailored offer letter that address the candidate’s needs, wants and pain points and is just too irresistible. The above discussed tips will definitely help you make a compelling and effective job offer and results in positive experiences that compel best talent to join your company.

“When you hire people that are smarter than you are, you prove that you are smarter than they are.” — R.H. Grant

Talent acquisition is the talk of the hour in the recruitment industry. Amidst several requirements, innovation and lateral thinking are something you invest in when you opt for quality hires. As a recruiter, it is essential to judge if the candidate you are interviewing has the potential to step up with his own ideas.

If you are hiring smart people, you are paying them for their innovation. But if your hire has the mindset of just following the superior’s orders, you have hired a wrong candidate. Smart people are not to be taught how to do their work. Instead, you can have their out-of-the box ideas to grow your business.

When investing in top tier talents, do not forget to tick the innovation checkbox if you want a sustainable solution for your organization.

How is innovation the key to success?

Innovation can evidently become a competitive advantage for your company in this cut-throat era. It is essential to ensure that your talent acquisition strategies understand the importance of innovation. Here is how innovation can help your organization to stand out in the crowded talent space.

  • Perspective: If you are allowing your employees to share their ideas, you can figure out how you can do the same thing in 1000 in other ways. Indeed, you can crack the nut that seemed hard enough earlier.
  • Area of improvement: Innovation moves your organization towards improvement. Knowing where and how to use innovation is essential if you are looking for sustainable growth.
  • Identify weakness: It is the innovation that can expose the weakness of any strategy and tell you how to make that strategy fool-proof. If your employees stick their necks to the desk and follow your orders only, no one will ever tell you about a minor error that can be a backfire later.
  • Competitive advantage: Innovation can actually take you two steps ahead of your competitor. Be it figuring out your competitor’s next move or independently designing a strategy to beat them; you cannot do it without innovative employees.

Why opt for innovative talents?

If you are paying your employees, it is not just for the paperwork they do. When hiring top talents, you count on their contribution to the growth of the company. That is only possible if they can think, unlike you, with adequate reasons.

High-performance is undoubtedly on the top priorities of quality hires. But if you need to tell them what to do every time, do you think you have invested in the right place? Innovation opens up a broad scope of opportunities for your company. Therefore, if you are using your authority to curb it, you are actually harming your organization.

Investing in innovative talents ensures that you have made a smart choice for your organization.

Is investment in innovation overhyped?

Never. If you have innovative minds working for you, you can expect breakthroughs are on the way. Moreover, you can just avoid the hassle of passing orders on how to do and what to do on a project. Moreover, if you value your employees’ ideas, you also get the result in retention rates.

How to bring out innovation?

An innovative mind can be overburdened and destroyed if the superiors always practice their authorization rights. Therefore, it is essential to educate your managers on how not to say a straight ‘no’ to every idea that counters their ideas.

When a new employee enters a company with innovative ideas, you must teach them how to pitch it and where to pitch it. Brainstorming sessions not only bind your employees as a team but also ensures the exchange of ideas to figure out the best solution.

One thing that you must ensure is that a failure of a new idea does not become a barrier to the employee’s participation in any discussion.

The Bottom Line

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” — Steve Jobs

The contribution of innovation is undeniable in any success. A sustainable business plan is actually based on innovation. Therefore, undermining innovation in your recruitment process can be a grave mistake that you should avoid.

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Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it.” – Henry David Thoreau.

In the recruitment industry, competition has always been acquiring the top tier talents. In most cases, the recruiter hires the candidate having a resume brimming with skill sets. But does that fulfill the intrinsic needs of the organization? The degrees on the resume do speak of the hard skills of the candidate, but the soft skills like effective communication, team spirit, etc. cannot be assessed just by going through a resume.

The right mindset plays a crucial role when you look for quality hires. Employees having the appropriate skill sets along with the right mindset ensures the sustainability and growth of the organization.

Skillset vs. Mindset

If there are 100 candidates, 75 of them will have the right skill sets. But if you are looking for 5 quality hires, how will you assess the candidates? Out of these 75 candidates, 25 are top graduates. If you want to ensure quality hires, you must check out which of the 25 candidates have the right mindset that can actually lead to your company’s growth. In this cut-throat competition, you will always find a large number of people who have the right skill sets.

But why is the right mindset essential for growth?

  • A candidate having good communication skill ensures smooth execution of operations
  • The flexibility of employees ensures better team performance
  • Commitment to deadlines is crucial virtue that cannot be taught
  • Loyalty to the organization can save your back in the worst situation
  • An improved working environment guarantees better productivity

How to ensure quality hires with the right mindset?

Skills can be taught, but the mindset of employees cannot be mold. The expression of mindset is through the attitude. Therefore, when a recruiter is looking for the right mindset, the candidate must be analyzed based on his/ her attitude.

  • Assess the candidate’s interest to engage

Indeed, you will be greeted with an obligatory smile when you are interviewing someone for a job. But what makes the difference between a candidate with the right mindset to stand out in the crowd is his/her attitude towards the interview and company. Therefore, as a recruiter, always check if the candidate is interested in engaging himself.

  • Check if the candidate’s goal aligns with that of the company’s

If you want your hires to vouch for the substantiality, in the long run, make sure you do not hire the one who just performs his tasks to just earn money without any interest in the company’s goal. In talent acquisition, it is essential to make quality hires whose goals align with the company’s agenda. Surely, a candidate with the right mindset and attitude can work whole-heartedly for the organization without just limiting his thoughts to his salary.

  • Background check with the candidate’s previous company

A background check is usually a routine thing while recruiting. However, instead of just viewing the company’s name, it’s always better to inquire about the candidate from the company. This will surely provide you a clearer vision of the candidate’s mindset and attitude.

  • Stress tests

Stress tests have been neglected even though it comes as a significant step in the selection process. It is under real stress that people show their true colors. As a recruiter, you can get a glimpse of how the candidate reacts. Indeed stress tests help you assess the mindset and attitude.

Final Thoughts

Talent acquisition in the recruitment industry is challenging, especially if you are looking for quality hires with the perfect blend of the right skills and right mindset. It is essential to ensure that every employee has the right attitude and frame of mind to help organization grow. Recruiters have to be tactical to ensure that every hire does have the right attitude and mindset along with required skillset.

“Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.” W. C. Fields

Pragna offers you the best assistance when it comes to recruiting the perfect blend of skills and mindset. Our comprehensive selection and recruitment process ensure that every hire is a quality hire for your company. For more information please visit our website www.pragna.net.

High Volume recruiting is a common process in the recruitment industry. Usually, an established company hires 5-7 employees every day. But does that mean the quantity can overpower the quality? No, the talent acquisition professionals ensure that your company recruits talented and high performing candidates for your organization.

High volume recruitment with quality candidate is a challenging job. Be it an outsourced or in-house process, it is a hectic job to focus on quality over quantity. Every candidate applying for the job are screened through several stages of selection process. Here we will be talking about the challenges of high-volume recruitment and how the task of recruiting quality over quantity can be made easier.

Challenges Related To Volume-Based Recruiting

You will find a vast number of applications for the job. It becomes tough to find the best, at the same time, the needy candidate to hire among them. Here are some most critical topics that, as a hiring manager, you will face linked with a large number of applicants.

– Longer Time to Hire: A volume-based hiring method takes more time to evaluate. A hiring manager needs to go through each resume, and when its applications are in a high number, it makes it more challenging to decide which one deserves of a screening phone call—more the applications, more the rings, which takes up a lot of time. 

– Hard To Identify Top Talent: When you have a single vacancy and multiple applicants, you might miss the best person for the job. You have to review each candidate, and you can’t give much time to each one; in this process, it is the most substantial possibility of missing out of the deserving one. 

– Poor User Experience for Candidates: The recruitment process involves a recruiter and a job seeker. Of course, each one of them will have the experience, good or bad. A recruiter can’t attain each candidate with a similar emotion. He has to deal with many people to be the negative user experience for an applicant. That implies that applicants can end hanging in for weeks, waiting for a response.

Hiring for Quality Over Quantity

Even though hiring quality candidates through high volume recruitment is a challenging task, here are few tips that can make your job a bit easier.

Use of AI

With the advancement of technology, the primary screening can be made easier with the use of suitable artificial intelligence. In the process of high volume recruitment, it takes effort and time to screen the application based on skill and experience. You can eliminate this headache by the incorporating AI into your recruitment process. Artificial intelligence can help you segregate quality candidate suitable for the job based on the recorded data of skills and experience of each candidate. Manually, this process can take days and even be subjected to bias or unconscious faults. With the help of AI, you can screen more than thousand applications in just a few minutes.

Tacking recruitment performance

For high volume recruitment, most companies analyze the cost per hire to understand the efficiency of the recruitment. The cost per higher strategy is also essential to understand where you need to spend more for recruiting the top-tier talents of a field. Tracking down the recruitment performance with the right metrics such as hiring budget, hiring velocity and performance of hired candidate helps you to get a clear picture how you should manage your recruitment process to hire quality candidates in high volume. 

Identify Top Candidate Through Cognitive Aptitude Test

Cognitive aptitude is the right method to verify the candidate’s ability to work. A single test can make you understand multiple things about the applicant. What does an aspirant needs for a job? Problem-solving skills, presence of mind, quick decision-making abilities, communication skills, presentation skills, attention to detail should definitely be on your list. Cognitive aptitude helps you verifying all these aspects of the candidate. You can test his every skill until you get sure about it. It is the positively opted strategy to finalize someone for a job. 

Hiring someone is not a difficult job, but hiring the right one is tricky. As a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to select the correct person so that your company and the candidate can work in synchronization. If you are seeking quality recruitment over quantity, Pragna is an ideal partner for you. At Pragna, we have experienced recruiters who can help you in quality hires within the desired time frame. Our analytics-based tool helps parse resumes very efficiently and significantly reduces hiring time and also cost per hire.  To know more about our recruitment solutions, check out our website.

Gone are the days when the recruitment process revolved around referrals and newspaper advertisements. With the growing accessibility of the internet, the recruitment industry witnessed a drastic change. It has become a convoluted and multi-step process to hire a qualified candidate for the right position. Talent acquisition and high volume recruiting are two aspects that are a paradox in the recruitment industry.

If a recruiter wants to attract top tier talents in the field, it is necessary to think more like a marketer and present opportunity in right manner. Through this article, you can explore some exclusive tips that will help you as a recruiter to attract the best talent in the market.

Why Recruiters need Marketing skills today?

The market is full of potential talents, but why should they choose to work for your company? As everyone has a smartphone in their hands, they do have access to several job opportunities for them. What makes your company stand out?

Instead of just briefing your candidate about your company during the interview, create a brand that ensures credibility. This can only be done if your recruiter can think like a marketer. Recruitment marketing involves not just posting about jobs every now and then. It is about creating engagement to attract qualified candidates to your company.

Tips to Attract Top-Tier Talents

Now that you realize why your recruiter needs to think like a marketer let’s explore the answer to HOW?

Creating Employee-Friendly Brand Image

In this competitive market, the top tier talents become the picker of their employer. Therefore, if you want to attract the best talent in a field, you must portray your company as a company that cares for its employees. Every company has a ‘core value’ section enlisting every noble value to attract talent. But if you ‘practice what you preach,’ you can have employee reviews on reputed platforms like Glassdoor or Google that will surely make your company stand out. A company with several employees vouching creates public goodwill attracting the most qualified candidates in the market.

Optimal Utilization of Social Media Platforms

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you in attracting high-volume talents. You must have noticed that a large number of recruiters are using LinkedIn to attract the target pool. Social media indeed serves as a key to successful recruitment. But will it be effective if you only post job ads? No, as a recruiter, you must use social media platforms to create the brand image, post stuff that engages your target pool, and maintain an up-to-date social media page for your company to attract talent pool.

If a recruiter has marketing skills, it can make it easier for your company to hire high-performing candidates who would already be interested in your company. Moreover, it won’t be difficult to find the talents who align themselves with your business goal. If a recruiter has excellent marketing skills, you have an edge in talent acquisition.

Clear and Visible Call-To-Action

Do not hide your ‘call-to-action’ when you are looking for quality hires. Whenever you are posting something on social media, ensure that your ‘call-to- action’ is clear and visible. You can use a different color font or backlinked icon to invite CVs or urge people to look into your website or company profile. The message should be clear to the viewers.

Engage Your Potential Targets

A person may not be looking for a job right now, but if you can engage him through your activities, there’s a high chance that he/she will think about approaching your company when they are open for a job. Moreover, if you are successful in engaging through your social media posting or email-marketing, you get a competitive advantage to attract as well as retain the best talents in the market.

Final Thoughts

The recruitment industry has changed over the years and has become an amalgamation of technology and marketing. Using the marketing strategy in recruitment has become vital as the competition is increasing day by day. Acquiring and practicing the right recruitment marketing skills does affect your hiring output. 

At Pragna our talent acquisition specialists are fully trained to be marketers to attract right talent. They understand the importance of brand building and social media presence which is becoming important day to day to hire top talent. To know more about Pragna capabilities visit our website.

No matter how big or small your business is, if you want success, you must invest in Talent. Here is where talent acquisition comes into play. Talent acquisition implies the process of recognizing and developing skilled workers to satisfy your administrative needs.  With appropriate long-term and short-term HR strategies you can to create a skilled and robust workforce for your firm.

After the outbreak of Covid-19, every business has undergone a massive change in their functioning. It is needless to say more challenges have evolved if you are undertaking talent acquisition. Therefore, a clear idea of the challenges and effective strategies can help you to hire the top talents.

Today’s Challenges For TA

The emerging challenges of talent acquisition involve the following issues.

As most people have switched to remote work during the pandemic, a large number of employees are looking for more freedom in working through remote and contractual works for earning their living. Therefore, if you are a HR undertaking talent acquisition, you can easily hire the top talents by creating screening strategies that target the strengths and skills required for small work.

  • Increasing Value of Compassion

Even though most companies have enlisted compassion in their core value, they lack it in practice. In the pandemic, most employees were jeopardized to work for longer hours, forgo holidays, deduction of salary and many other insensitive measures. Most people have been looking for a bit of compassion from their employers. If you want to hire talented people, you must not present yourself as an insensitive employer while building your strategies.

  • Growing Dependence on Technology

Developing technological compatibility has become a challenge to a large number of industries.  Artificial intelligence has overtaken HR jobs of sourcing, shortlisting and selecting candidates for job. The best way to deal with this challenge is to supervise the growth of artificial intelligence. This does not mean you should not use the latest technologies in the recruitment process, you should. But before hiring, you must organize a live interview to judge the potential of the candidate. After all, bookish knowledge reflected with degrees does not portray an individual’s talents.

  • Employees Experience is the Top Priority

In order to hire and retain the top talents, the company must have employees who can preach about their job satisfaction. Retaining high performing employees will demand some efforts from the company to provide benefits like health insurance, seasonal incentives, tax advantages etc.  Moreover, happy employees will definitely attract more talents to your company as everyone does check review about the company on platforms like Glassdoor before taking up the job.

Strategy of Proactive Talent Acquisition

Some of the proactive strategies that can definitely help your company in talent acquisition are as follows.

  • Industry forecasting:Understand where your industry is heading and cross match the talent acquisition according to your business goals.
  • Data and marketing: Create a database or talent pool and use marketing technique like email marketing, branding etc. to reach out to talented or high performing candidates. Do not forget to highlight the benefits that your company offers for the employees.
  • Retention of talent: Most companies do not utilize this effective strategy to hook and hold their talented employees. Offer attractive benefits, packages or incentives for the high performing employees in your company.
  • Employee branding: Branding and outreaching as recognized as the ‘go-to’ careers manager in your enterprise

Talent Acquisition professionals are a significant factor for an organization. Their actions play a vital role in the development of a business. With a situation like the COVID-19 epidemic, everything is indefinite; until a vaccine gets fully develop and execute, no one can guess what will come next. The basic strategy to grow in such an atmosphere is to pass over from reaction to pro-action by simply rediscovering, reinventing, and redefining Talent Acquisition in an exotic light.

At Pragna, Talent Acquisition and the strategies built to back it are essential part of our recruitment process. We use our analytics backed tool to come up with new strategies and techniques to attract right talent.  We have helped several clients to successfully execute and manage recruitment using our overnight sourcing and recruitment strategy. To know more about Pragna, do check out our website.

The Internet along with other technologies has made remote working a reality for employees and has completely revised the way businesses operate in the today’s modern world. But this change is also one of our greatest competitive strength. We can hire talented people from any part of the world.

We live in a connected world so, connected that we don’t even need to leave our comfort zones and still get the work done on fingertips. Modern day job seekers and businesses all over the world are adopting the same in the form of virtual teams.

So, before learning how to manage virtual teams let’s first understand what it is?

Virtual teams are teams entirely consist of remote workers. A virtual team is a group of individuals or employees who are geographically scattered across different locations locally or globally and different time zones sharing information and cooperating in real-time using various technology tools like online communication, cloud applications etc. Managing virtual teams has its own set of challenges and benefits, but overall the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

Here are few tips on how you can manage your virtual employees

Choose right communication tools

Communication is one of the tops challenges for virtual teams. It requires a plan to drive it. Since teams aren’t together in a co-located office, everyone needs to be dynamic in creating a communication schedule⁠. Discussion that takes place in an office can sometimes be immensely helpful and productive, generating new ideas that might not have come to light in another context. Email, in particular, is a solid tool for conversation, Skype or Google Hangouts are great for quick instant messaging. Virtual phone systems centered on cloud technology can be used for quick calling and task management. Also, Project management tools can help you keep your communication in a lot more organized manner and you can refer to it whenever you want. It also helps new people when they join, as they can refer the previously discussed points. Also using screen sharing tools like TeamViewer, Join.me etc. comes handy when you want multiple people to see the same screen in real time.

Promote remote team building

Remote team building won’t happen naturally and it’s not an overnight process, it requires constant efforts on your part as a virtual team manager, also from your team members. Some easy ideas for team building are a daily video standup, a weekly meeting where the team can share about their personal life along with professional thoughts like what they did over the vacation or weekend. Additionally, setting professional goals contributes to being systematic and puts people in the right mindset.

Track working hours

In a flexible environment, it’s becomes difficult for a manager to actually find out how many hours team members are working or even if they are working at all. In this case you need to track work hours by using software to make sure that your team members are working on the tasks at hand, few software can help you see what projects are being working on, which websites team members are visiting, applications being used, and even time spent working and time on breaks in real time.

Make expectations clear

Simply telling verbally someone to do a task is usually not the best way to go about managing teams. Put your expectations into writing exactly what you expect from your virtual employees including work deadlines, work hours, availability, and response times. Also include small details that are specific to your business which can cause trouble when working with virtual employees.

Build trust

It is important for the executive team to cultivate and encourage an environment of trust and give team members the benefit of the doubt. This should go without saying. Leaders are still bringing the idea that remote work does not mean less work. Build trust in your colleague’s by giving them space to speak openly to discuss individual ideas without ridicule or judgment.  Employees should feel comfortable while having conversations where they can be honest and frank with each other as this will help build strong relationships not matter which part of the globe they are located.

Over Communicate.

More communication means more trust-building, less confusions and misunderstanding and better teamwork. Also, not to mention, it is one of the key components which adds to the broader success of the organization in long run. Effective communication can the solve the problem of many employees who feel isolated working outside the office. The individual may overthink about the quality of their work judged or just feel out of the loop. While communication is essential for remote teams, overloaded information can quickly become a problem where no one understands anything.

Rewards & Recognition

Have you heard of the saying “no good deed should go unrewarded”. Make sure you set up a reward system to keep your team motivated and its better pinpoint the team members that can take on more responsibility. You do get up personally and praise your employees and probably pat on their back when they do something good. Remote employees work just as hard as employees based out at an office. And they need the occasional praises to stay motivated just as much, if not more.

With time teams are becoming more and more spry and less constricted to a physical location. Managing a remote team is fun and challenging at the same time. Ultimately it has proved to be rewarding for many companies across the globe. If you want to remember anything from this post, it is to bump in with your remote team frequently, and make sure everyone gets the time they need. If you’re planning to build a virtual team, then keep the above tips in mind and arm the tools you need to be successful.